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Eat strawberries to help farmers

LIF DLW STRAWBERRIES 3Some farmers need your help and there’s a really easy way to help them: By taste testing strawberries.

Researchers over at the University of California’s Cooperative Extension are trying to figure out if they can grow strawberries with less water, given all the water supply issues here lately. So they’ve grown four types of strawberries with varying amounts of water and need you to taste test them. They want to see if the ones grown with less water taste as good. Tough job, huh?

No sign up needed, just show up at the Vineyard Farmers Market (at the corner of Blackstone and Shaw avenues) between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday. They need 100 people, so the first to get there get the strawberries.

Responses to "Eat strawberries to help farmers"

Gail Duffy says:

once I get there at 3 PM do I need to stay until 6 pm ?

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