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DIY: Sunburst Mirror

DIY-SUNBURST-MIRROR-5I was in Home Goods recently, and I saw this really cute sunburst mirror that I thought would look nice in my girls’ bedroom. Problem? It was $45. Seriously — FORTY FIVE DOLLAHS. No. Not with all the different ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest, no way was I going to pay money I didn’t have to begin with on a DECOR ITEM. I’m kind of a stickler like that.

Also cheap thrifty.

So yesterday, when I was at JOANN’s picking up some glue sticks BECAUSE I ACTUALLY RAN OUT MID PROJECT (hate that), I wandered down an aisle (love that) and saw these cute little mini mirrors. Pack of 25 for $1.99. And a big circle mirror for $2.99. AND  I had a 40%-off coupon PLUS another 20% of my total purchase… $3.42?  This kind of sunburst mirror I could afford.

Plus it ended up pretty cute.

Craftspersons, I give you: The sunburst mirror! Super easy, super cute, super affordable.

What you’ll need:image
— 1 large circle mirror
— 1 package (25 pieces) of mini mirrors
— wire hangers (in your face, Mommy Dearest)
— wire cutters
— glue gun/glue sticks
— 1 piece of cardboard, cut slightly smaller than the large mirror size

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Responses to "DIY: Sunburst Mirror"

Heather P says:

Pinned it!

Danielle says:

This is awesome! I’m going to do it! Thanks :)

pk says:

Seriously awesome–price-wise too!

Melina says:

Where do you get the mini mirrors ?

Stephen says:

Great question, Melina!

If only she had mentioned anything about the mini-mirrors in her story….

….if only.


Traci Arbios says:

Hey there! I got the mini mirrors and the big morror at JoAnn Fabrics.

Mary says:

any idea what might work instead of hangers? That’s a lot of hangers to need and to buy all those hangers would cost as much as just buying the mirror! What else would work?

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