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Don’t know why, but I think this photo is hilarious. Maybe you have to know local theater folks Max and Nicholle Debbas, who are having the time of their lives exploring Ecuador. Or maybe it’s just because that hat is so cool, and Nicholle’s expression is so, well, not into it. The Facebook caption from Max:

I call it “The Ecuador.” The ladies love it. #notheydont

He’s in Ecuador doing a video shoot for a non-profit called Equitable Trade. He writes: “Spent time in the rainforest right on the Amazon, in Coca, and now I am in Quayaquil.”

The question: Is he bringing that hat home?

Responses to "Facebook post of the day"

Max says:

Good news. I brought the hat home.
Bad news. I didn’t bring “The Ecuador” back.

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