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Gig review: Suuns at Fulton 55

image (4)There are shows that remind you why you love seeing live music.
There are shows that make you appreciate your city’s live music scene.
Last night’s Suuns show at Fulton 55 fulfilled both.

Loverboy: This is not the “Working for the Weekend” Loverboy. This Loverboy is from Firebaugh and describes his music as Fischer-Price Acid Trip Hop. I’m pretty sure that’s a made-up genre, but it seems fitting. The guy sings hunched over a Casio keyboard and makes his music with pedals and knobs and keys. The stuff was mostly mid-tempo and very atmospheric on a “Twin Peaks” kinda level. The guy has a great voice, or at least writes some great melodies, but the vocals seemed intentionally fuzzed out. It didn’t kill the songs, but I noticed.

Suuns: (pronounced Suns?) started when Ben Shemie and Joe Yarmush got together to make some beats. To those beats they layered on live percussion, guitar noise, synthesizer squeal and pedal-altered vocals. The result is an indie/electronic dance rock that had me shaking legs, shrugging shoulders and air-pumping my fists through the whole set.

That’s how I dance, FYI.

Seriously entertaining stuff and well worth a listen (it’s not just dancey).

This was the first trip to Fresno for the Montreal’ four-piece, and the guys were extremely nice and appreciative of the crowd, small as it was. The band finishes out its tour tonight at Echo in LA and leaves for European tour at the end of June.

Our set: Stylistically, there are local bands that may have fit better with the tone of the night. That said, these kinds of eclectic bills stretch the audience’s boundaries and that’s a good thing.

Bottom line: Another show you should be sad you missed.

Responses to "Gig review: Suuns at Fulton 55"

hilary says:

I’m so sad I missed it! Let’s get Loverboy to play F.U.S.E. Hope I can catch Suuns sometime.

Jared says:

Hmmm…. so many points to make….

a) Loverboy? Seriously? You have all the freedom in the world to choose a name for your band and you land on Loverboy? That’s the worst band name since, well… Loverboy

b) I wish all non-tribute, non-local bands that pass through Fresno got reviews/write-ups like this. The incredbile Sea Wolf came through last weeks with little to no publicity or reviews. Now THAT was a great show.

c) Indie/electronic dance-rock is becoming too easy. It’s everywhere now. While I love some of these types of bands out there (Phantogram, LCD Soundsystem, etc.) ultimately, Suuns is going to be one of those bands that will simply get lost in the mix because this genre is so overdone in a way that most artists are unwilling to do something out-of-the-ordinary. The show was pretty much forgettable.

d) Props to Fresno/Fulton 55 for continually bringing bands here, regardless of how much I like them.

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