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Chipotle testing “Sofritas” tofu in Fresno


Chipotle’s Sofritas is served in a burrito here. Photo courtesy of Chipotle.

I never thought I’d say this sentence, but I have more tofu news! In addition to the tofu vs. bacon throwdown Josh wrote about, Fresno is a test market for Chipotle’s new “Sofritas” tofu. All the Chipotle restaurants in the Fresno area are now carrying Sofritas, which can be used in place of meat in a taco, burrito or bowl. The test started in the Bay Area and will soon be expanded to the rest of California.

What is Sofritas? It’s “artisan tofu” made in Oakland that is seared and ground like sausage, and roasted with chipotle chiles, poblanos and spices. I’ve tried it and liked it (No, they didn’t pay me to say that.  I bought my burrito). It’s got a definite kick. They’ll give you a little spoonful sample at the restaurant if you ask. Anyone tried it? I’m curious to know what you think of it. Feel free to share in the comments.

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold says the test is going pretty well so far and the company might be expanding it. Chipotle wanted to create something that is vegetarian and vegan friendly, but something that has crossover appeal for meat eaters as well, he says.

Responses to "Chipotle testing “Sofritas” tofu in Fresno"

Eric W says:

They were giving away free sofrita burritos a month or so ago. It’s not bad, but I prefer the veggie burrito to them. Still, it’s nice to have options.

Traci Arbios says:


Donald Munro says:

I tried a sofritas burrito yesterday. I thought they were great. They definitely have the kick Bethany was talking about. My fear is that I’ll get hooked on them and then Chipotle will yank them from the menu.

kim says:

I’ve indulged a few times. I think it’s great. It’s nice to see that Chipotle has brought in a faux meat option for the veg types. Hope it stays.

Natali says:

I enjoy a fajita bowl pretty often (embarrassingly so) and was a die hard barbacoa girl. But, since I’ve been watching calories lately, I figured I’d give the Sofritas a go. They’re about 45 fewer calories than a barbacoa serving and lower in fat. The taste? Fantastic. I’m a convert.

Yvette says:

I love it. Great spicy taste! As a non-meat eater, I like and appreciate having options at Chipotle.

John Esquivel says:

I love it! It is very similar to soyrizo and potatoes. I believe you can still get a text coupon to try it out for free.

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