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Bandgeek:! Ironclad, Antichrist and an Airborne Toxic Event

If you are anything like me, this weekend is all about recuperating from last weekend and possibly gearing up for the big election. Of course, there’s always the chance I’ll get out to a few shows, some of which I present to you know in another installment of BANDGEEEK!!!

TONIGHT: (Friday)




That’s what I found at least. Feel free to add other events in the comments section or email me at

Responses to "Bandgeek:! Ironclad, Antichrist and an Airborne Toxic Event"

Bradley says:

Gotta say, this text based laundry list is a rough read Josh. I appreciate it’s thoroughness and your work compiling it, but yeah. By means of offering a suggestion, I like how handles it:

Jared says:

Thank you, I thought I was the only one who thought this.

Josh Tehee says:

@Bradley + Jared

Thanks for the critiques. I’ll take a look at making more user friendly, for sure. I tend to like this format more than the old Post No Bills in terms of usable info, but I see how it could be tough to sift through. I’ll do some experimenting.

blake says:

gotta say: dug the column on Airborne/dr.RocketEtc. this morning in The HardCopy Bee.

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