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Did you see the hilarious paparazzi photo of Vince Vaughn at Disneyland being recognized by two shocked fans? Turns out the girls in the pic are from Clovis. They stopped by Channel 47 to chat with Zara Arboleda, who seized the opportunity to put a new spin on the photo.


From Arboleda’s story:

Jordan and Amy were walking through the park on Monday when they spotted the celebrity walking with his pregnant wife, and were so excited that they stopped and pointed at him. At that moment, a picture was snapped by a paparazzi and later posted on the Internet.

That photo has gone viral and is showing up on many websites: Huffington PostPerez HiltonNY Daily News,US Magazine and more.

It’s fun to be able to boast you crashed a photo of one of “The Wedding Crashers.”

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