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These ‘Wrinkles’ put the young’uns to shame


I’d like to introduce you to three remarkable people: Cynthia Dallas, Lucy Del Real and Geno Ventura. They’ve been performing in “New Wrinkles,” the senior musical revue show at Fresno City College, for all 25 years of the show’s existence.

Dallas is 86. Ventura is 88. And Del Real is 89. And they’re opening tonight for a whopping 16-show run, many days with matinee AND evening performances.

We highlight these three original cast members in today’s cover story in 7. But the entire cast — there are 74 total — is to be admired. And emulated. While many people 40 and 50 years younger are spending nights rearranging themselves on their couches, this group of in-shape seniors are dancing, singing and cracking one-liners.

I had fun writing a “25 Things to Know About ‘New Wrinkles’ ” story for 7 to mark the show’s 25th anniversary. And I’ll be there for opening night. Wouldn’t miss it.

Pictured: Cynthia Dallas, left, Geno Ventura and Lucy Del Real. Bee photo by John Walker.

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