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Sad news in the Tower District – update

Update 3:23 p.m.: The victim has been identified, The Bee reports:

The victim was identified by the Fresno County coroner as Eric Catlapp, 32.
Police say Catlapp was a member of The Hashtag, a 24-hour work center for local professionals in the 1200 block of North Wishon Avenue.

Original post 9:54 a.m.:

Photo by Jim Guy/The Fresno Bee

Photo by Jim Guy/The Fresno Bee

Sad news to report this morning: Police are investigating a fatal stabbing in the Tower District, which apparently happened on Wishon Row near the Hashtag. Here is a link to The Bee story, which doesn’t have many details at this point but should be updated today with more information.

I’ve seen a lot of longtime Beehive readers express concern, dismay and anger about the events in social media this morning. I too am saddened by this news. There’s no reason for such needless violence and my thoughts are with those affected by this crime. I really hope this doesn’t deter the business owners on this row who have really tried to make something nice for the people of Fresno, or keep people from visiting these businesses.

Responses to "Sad news in the Tower District – update"

Memory still remains says:

Let this be a turning point as Kimber Reynolds death years ago did. Turn a tragedy into inspiration for needed motivation and action.

We can’t let this person die in the dark. Tower is better than this, and it deserves the city support. One of Fresno’s true core neighborhoods and, really, the only area of town with any culture and diversity that is as unique as each neighbor.

RIP to the lost soul.

blake says:

my prayers and hope for peace go to the man’s family and the neighborhood.

e. field says:

I was down on-site in the early afternoon on Friday, checking up on some friends in that area, I’m not sure if the investigation was complete, or taking a break, or hadn’t resumed (further) for the day, – I did see a broadcast van across the street, (not sure if anyone was in it.)

There (literally) was a trail of dried blood, across the sidwalk growing more severe, that culminated at the door… (again, not sure if it was still ‘needed’ for evidence or what, but there was no sign of anyone around, this was early to mid afternoon.)

-Quite disturbing.

If they’re done documenting the scene… somebody give me a holler, I’d be happy to stop down and do what I can to help clean it up… -e

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