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Bandgeek!: Nick Fest, a rent show and 77 Jefferson

969363_10151216315599364_2126256360_nThis Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be in Reno competing in the National Bowling Tournament. But the world doesn’t revolve around me and local venues, band and promoters are continuing on with their plans, which I present to you now as another installment of BANDGEEEEEEK!!

TONIGHT (Thursday):





That’s what I came up with anyway. Feel free to add your own in the comments or email me at

Responses to "Bandgeek!: Nick Fest, a rent show and 77 Jefferson"

Jennifer Bredberg says:

Here’s an event you missed. This didn’t make it in the Seven entertainment guide today. So, I thought I’d post here.  Many local talented musicians, dancers, and circus performers will be providing a day of varied acts.  Oh, and plenty of fun games for the kids !

5/25/2013 (Saturday)
Event starts at 2:00 PM
Ticket price varies check out at
Come one and come all to be a part of this totally awesome day. Witness the amazing circus acts with their awe inspiring performances. From jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, strongmen, fire dancers and burlesque dancers.

Try your skill at carnival games. Enjoy cotton candy, popcorn, and other fair foods. Spin the wheel of fortune.

Enter the special event tent to view the side show oddities of legendary sideshow hawker Bobby Reynolds.Check out the sideshow acts, and for 21+, the girly show! And to finish off the event, enjoy an evening of Burlesque.

Come have a day of fun. And a FEW BEERS.

Bradley says:

NickFest costs $10.

Ryan M says:

The giver/dependence show you have posted for Friday is actually next Friday.

blake says:

yeah, gonna throw in on the Full Circle Brewery event (ok, my band the Trike Shop is one of the bands making the musical part of it). Kenny and the gang over at FCB are always trying out new ideas…and a Beer Circus [??} caught my imagination. –and Frezmorim..our fave local KLEZMER band was playing…so we said “hey, sign us up too!”…sounds like fun.
Saturday afternoon [we play at 4] going on into the evening. Check it out. Support.

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