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Alyssa Milano talks frankly about new series

ALYSSA MILANOIt’s always interesting to see just how candid some actors will be.

Alyssa Milano, who grew up on TV in the comedy “Who’s the Boss?,” is starring in the new ABC drama “Mistresses” that starts June. 3. The series, based on the British series of the same name, follows the love lives of four very good friends. Milano plays a lawyer whose efforts to start a family gets interrupted by another man.

Milano’s no stranger to this kind of sexy material having starred in the TV series “Melrose Place,” the feature film “Poison Ivy II” and the made-for-TV production, “Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story” as Amy Fisher.

Maybe it’s the fact I watched her grow up on TV, but I didn’t expect Milano to be so willing to reveal so many details when the conversation turns to the sexy nature of the show.

“I had just given birth when we shot the pilot, so I was still breast-feeding. In between these takes, every two hours, I would have to go into my trailer and pump. So bless these men that put up with me because I wasn’t feeling so sexy, let me tell you,” Milano says.

The uncomfortableness of the moment aside (for me), Milano goes on to talk about why she was willing to jump into a series despite being a new mom. She’s always loved playing women who are flawed and this one has some major flaws that would be fun to — and challenging — to explore.

But, it was the fact she was a new mom that was the deciding factor.

Milano says she did the series because of “having some stability and security of being in Los Angeles and knowing that my son can come with me and be with me at work, and the fact that it’s an ensemble and I get to work with all of these great people also means that I get a couple days off a week so I can be with my child.”

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