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DIY: Tile glass pendant

Enjoy!Chatting with a co-worker just now, I realized that the last day of school is right around the corner. Clearly, on one level, I was aware the end was near. But that was a level that I had shut down, stuffed deep into my psyche so I could deal with all the other tons of stuff that happen just before the year ends.

But what really stuck in my craw was when my co-worker mentioned having to get a gift for her elementary-aged kid’s teacher. The torrent of thoughts that followed:

- I should get my kid’s teacher something;
- This teacher is going to get a ton of gifts from kids;
- Most of these gifts are probably going to be that bulk-style, plasticky crap with lead paint,
which means…
- I have to do something different.

DAMN IT. Effort was going to be involved — likely mine.

Luckily for me, I know of a VERY easy DIY that is both inexpensive YET has classiness potential. It’s the kind of thing you (and your kid) can make, and the teacher won’t do the dead-eyed, tooth-gritting ehhhhhhhh smile.

It’s perfect for teacher’s gifts, graduation gifts and self-adoration gifts (the best kind, obviously): The glass-tile pendant.

Make it! >>

Free Letters Printable >>


Responses to "DIY: Tile glass pendant"

teacher B says:

As a teacher, I would really appreciate a gift card to ANY WHERE instead of a gift.

Angela says:

As a teacher, I loved everything that my students and families gave me. Hand crafts are the best, most thoughtful gifts any one could give to anyone! Excellent thought!

Traci Arbios says:

Thanks, both of you, for your thoughts. It’s always a toughie!

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