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Bacon vs. tofu in Fresno Grizzlies food-fest throwdown

baconvstofulogofinalThe Fresno Grizzlies love to inspire a little friendly competition — like for instance pitting vampires against werewolves or … that whole taco truck thing.

This season, the organization is upping the ante, culinarily speaking, with the Bacon vs. Tofu night, June 27. They even have this cool graphic.

The idea is simple: Fans show up at the game and choose sides. You’re either for #teambacon or #teamtofu. Fans can vote and the results will be tallied and announced at the end of the night. There will be themed-games between innings and bacon and tofu-oriented businesses will be on hand to showcase their products.

Here’s the great part (and where The Beehive readers come in): The Grizzlies are looking for team captains, a couple of local chefs or foodie types who can whip up some culinary creations and help sway the vote. And they need your help. So, we’re throwing it to you. Who would be your choice to lead #teambacon? How about #teamtofu?

To get the conversation started, we’ll nominate:

Team Bacon:

  • Keith from Keith’s Box Car Cafe. The guy knows his pork.
  • Whoever does the bacon at Charlotte’s. Seriously, the BLT is probably my favorite sandwich in town. It is to die for (and from probably).
    Team Tofu:

  • The chef’s at Whole Foods Market. They do this marinated tofu that is delish and versatile. They could probably come up with more than a couple innovative uses for the bean curd.
  • The Million Elephant does a deep-fired tofu that ranks with any meat dish I’ve had.

What do you think? Who does bacon best? How about tofu? It’s slightly more obscure, but a few of your Beehivers are no doubt fantics. Who can lead #teamtofu to victory? Cast your vote by leaving a comment below.

Responses to "Bacon vs. tofu in Fresno Grizzlies food-fest throwdown"

Traci Arbios says:

I just… I don’t see how this is even *fair*. I’m a fan of both, but pitting tofu against bacon is like the pleasant kissing fish against a shark, or a bunny against a wolverine. How can bacon just not outright win on the very merits that it is BACON?

Josh Tehee says:

I liked bacon before bacon was cool. Seriously, all this bacon-mania needs to stop.

I’ll make it official now. I’m siding on #teamtofu.

Sam Hansen says:

for the record my vote for #teambacon captain goes to Keith from Keith’s Box Car.

Danielle says:

I second this! His candied bacon WINS everything!

Nick Haas says:

The only time I ate Tofu was at a Japanese restaurant about 10 years ago, and it was very forgetful so I’d love to try and see what today’s chefs can do with it, I’ve never been to places like The Loving Hut either. But I must say the Bacon on the Le Grilled Cheese from Dusty Buns is money. #teambacon

TeeH says:

Is that a nomination for Dusty Buns for Team Bacon?

Noemi Herrera says:

I had the pleasure of having a Tofu Taco from @Tako BBQ Truck today & it was pretty awesome.. My vote is for Tako!

TeeH says:

I am 100% Team Bacon but today I had a tofu taco from Tako BBQ at CArtHop. They had me considering to switch teams… Nah am sayin?

TOPS says:

Tofu is good only because it tastes like whatever you cook it with.

Bacon tastes just like bacon and enhances dishes you cook.

I got Keith’s back on this one.

Rob says:

Momma from million elephant can throw down… what about the guys from Tofuji? Fresno’s very own local artisan tofu shop. Are there any fresh local bacon companies in the area that make their own bacon by the side? A lot easier than tofu I think. This might as well be an apples vs oranges challenge though. And the Loving Hut is a cult not a restaurant; please don’t consider them and their food leaves a lot to be desired anyway. The chefs down at Cafe Revive would be a better option.

Danielle says:

Keith also makes his own bacon.

Sam Hansen says:

@rob I believe Keith makes his own bacon.

jeremy brownstein says:

Tofu for the win!

Did you know that Tofuji, located in Fresno’s Chinatown, is one of the only locally owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of Tofu and Soy milk?

April Yann says:

#teamtofu alll day!

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