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805 beer for sale in the 559

805 BottleHere’s a bit of news for craft beer fans: Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s 805 ale is now available in the Fresno area. Until now the beer, brewed in Paso Robles, wasn’t for sale on shelves outside of the 805 area code.

The honey blond ale was reportedly being “smuggled” back in car trunks and back seats to Fresno by people visiting the central coast. Firestone says that Ryan Donaghy of Fresno-based beverage distributor Donaghy Sales convinced the brewer to sell it in Fresno.

So who’s tried 805? What did you think of it? I’m told Spokeasy has had 805 on tap in the past and will rotate it in again soon.

Firestone says you can get the beer at Save-Mart, BevMo!, Whole Foods and numerous independent outlets, such as Liquor King, Elite Liquor and MGA Liquor. You can also get it on tap at Neighbor’s Tap & Cookhouse, Red Wave Inn, The Mad Duck, Doghouse Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Swiggs and Red Robin.

Responses to "805 beer for sale in the 559"

Jacquelyn says:

It’s very nice. I had it at Cazadores in Madera a few weeks ago and again at the Craft Beer festival at ApCal. I’m a fan.

ed says:

i tried one tonight at spokeasy (and the keg emptied out). good. tioga has a similar brew that was also good.

Rob says:

My go to growler refill when I’m in the area. Great to see it in bottles and on tap locally now. A nice beer for summer too.

Renee N. says:

I love this brew! Firestone really has been producing some great craft beers for those with a more refined palate :)

Michelle S says:

I love it! I’m a smuggler

Tim R says:

They need to sell in Orange County or riverside 805 is one of the best beers out there

Jessica K says:

I didn’t think you liked the 805 Tim ;)

Tim r says:

Do I know you Jessica ?

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