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New place to shop: Bling Witch

Bullard and West 065

This onesie demonstrates the rhinestones and glitter used at Bling Witch.

The newly opened Bling Witch Design Studio can bling out just about anything with rhinestones or glitter: T-shirts, high-heeled shoes, plastic cups, license plate frames, bumper stickers and baby onesies. You can even have a photo of your dog turned into a rhinestone design on a T-shirt. The business is a store that sells supplies for crafters and finished items such as T-shirts. It also takes custom orders and hosts classes and birthday and bachelorette parties.

Bling Witch is at the southeast corner of Bullard and West avenues. The Bling Witch in the name is Maryann Ward, who runs the business with her husband Bob, aka Mr. Bling Witch. You may remember Maryann from Yaya’s Creative Boutique at Bullard and Marks avenues. She lost the lease on that store and closed it, opening Bling Witch April 1.

Because the blinging process is so customizable, many of the items created at Bling Witch are a bit different than you’d find at your average store — like the T-shirt with two glitter milk jugs on it that someone created for a friend who is breastfeeding. (Keep scrolling to see examples of rhinestone doggies.)

For a look at how to apply rhinestones, check out the step-by-step photo gallery made by our newest blogger and DIY-er, Traci Arbios.Bullard and West 045

Responses to "New place to shop: Bling Witch"

Susan Frith says:

I live in Fresno and am looking for a heart blinged onsie….or something blinged that says My Heart Belongs to my Daddy. Do you have anything, and is there a place I can come buy things from you this week? Thanks in advance, this is my last minute thing.


Tina says:

Hi I was just wondering if you still hold ” how to bling” classes?

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