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Jamie Luner reveals bedroom secret

lunerI don’t know about you, but one of the weirdest scenes to me in TV movies and series are those that occur after a couple has been very intimate. While they are chatting, the woman is always draped in a sheet that has been strategically wrapped around her. This odd costuming always seem strange because I imagine that sheet wasn’t there before they started talking.

During a chat with Jamie Luner for her new upcoming Lifetime movie, “The Perfect Boss,” I decide to ask her about this post-romance choice of wardrobe. Luner has been in her fair share of such situations — in TV movies and series — and that means she should be an expert. She ends up wrapped up in a sheet in “The Perfect Boss.”

Luner laughs at the question and then points out this is a basic cable movie that we are talking about.

“It isn’t Showtime,” Luner says between laughs.

Granted, the premium cable channels have no need for sheets. But, writing such a scene into a movie that has to answer to censors seems like an action that’s just causing problems. What’s wrong with a conversation the next morning after everyone’s ready to go back to work?

Luner explains that there was a lengthy discussion about what she should wear in the scene for ‘The Perfect Boss.”

“We were trying to decide if I should wear a towel or a robe. Then someone suggested the sheet. I like the idea of wearing the sheet because it has a kind of regal look. I felt like royalty with the way it draped around me,” Luner says, still laughing.

This practice for TV movies won’t be going away so it would suggest that if you cheat, use a sheet.

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