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CAPTION THIS: Guardian Angels

I would like to express gratitude to the ‘Guardian Angel’ who discovered my motorcycle keys left in the ignition. They turned them in and then the keys were ┬áreturned to me. It would have been a long walk home without them.

So, have you ever been blessed by the honesty and goodness of someone? A guardian angel perhaps? Share your story if you have one.



Responses to "CAPTION THIS: Guardian Angels"

Bethany Clough says:

I still remember the time a stranger in my little home town knocked on the door with my mom’s wallet. She had set it on top of the car, driven off, and somewhere down the road it flew off and landed in a ditch. A walker found it and returned it, money and all.

bostonjanie says:

I just think guardian angels exist not only in kindness but in so many other ways.

DebV says:

I can’t recall anything personally, but a friend of mine back east found a wallet in a bathroom stall containing $3000. The owner was on vacation and was so grateful for its return.

John says:

I believe, you all have been had! If there were such a thing as Guardian angels then why haven’t i met mine or anyone close to it! I do my best to make it in this world like everyone else I try to stay out of trouble and when i get into a large bind there is no one but me to save my skin. (Try this the times I have lost a job or a home it was not because of bad management it was because I could not get the funds to survive, and there was no one but me who came to the rescue. So not to be cruel I believe only you can help yourself no one and I do mean no one else gives a damn about you or your problems. When it comes to finding a wallet or a lost dog that is not a gaurdian angel my friends that is a good samarian.

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