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Hello, and desktop archery set

Once upon a time there was a young-ish, moderately attractive, devastatingly intelligent yet incredibly humble woman who worked in corporate America. She was a woman with simple-yet-refined tastes, who embodied the simple-yet-refined desire to communicate her thoughts and ideas to others who likely suffered from similar slings and arrows of corporate American life. To sum it up:  this woman’s life dream was nothing more than to tell her deeply average tales to a general public that might perhaps occasionally have their interest piqued.

BAM! Cubicle weaponryBeyond that, she cared nothing more than to continue on and live her simple yet refined life, caring for her family and feeding her dog and peppering her diction with self-important phrases about her “audience” whose “interests” she had mildly “piqued.”

And so — naturally — the woman began to blog.

Then one day, this young-ish, moderately attractive, devastatingly intelligent woman (now with a penchant toward verbosity) was presented with an opportunity: A rogue band of ninja bloggers were looking to increase their ranks. She could join this group — but she’d have to have something to offer in return. “What could she give,” they queried, “to those toiling away at their desks across corporate America?”

Her answer: munitions.

This may come to shock you, dear reader, but I am that very same young-ish (now older), moderately attractive (meh), devastatingly intelligent yet amazingly humble woman (still with a penchant toward verbosity); and this is my first post here at The Beehive — the not-so-secret lair for that aforementioned crazy-awesome band of ninja bloggers.

In short: I’m quite excited to be here, blogging about all the nifty DIY stuff you, too, can get up to.

And, as promised, I give you munitions: a DIY desktop archery set. Enjoy!

Get started here >>


Responses to "Hello, and desktop archery set"

Heather P says:

YES! First thing I did was search your name in Pinterest and hit FOLLOW ALL!

Traci Arbios says:

Awesome! Thank you! I will hunt you out as well. :^)

Bethany Clough says:

Ooh, running over to Pinterest to follow Traci! ;)

Kristen Johnson says:

are you still going to blogging on the full moxie?

Traci says:

Alas, I will not. The Full Moxie has now drifted into a deep, final sleep.

Clare says:


Emily says:

As I started to read this post, I secretly hoped it was you!! And sure enough it’s Traci Arbios!! Look forward to reading your post

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