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Eve, Cho, Pegg talk about new ‘Star Trek’ film

It should be called “Newspapers: The Next Generation” because there are a bunch of people — including myself — who are boldly going into areas we didn’t have to face in the past. One of those barely charted territories is the shooting of video while doing an interview for the newspaper. The Internet is a ravenous beast and no longer are the printed words enough, there’s a growing demand to show the interview subject talking.

Most of the time, it’s a simple process. If a person I’m interviewing agrees, I’ll use a flipcam to ask a question or two. An easy edit later and the video is out there to be enjoyed.

When I asked to shoot video during my interviews with Alice Eve, John Cho and Simon Pegg for “Star Trek Into Darkness,” Paramount agreed but the video would have to be shot by a TV crew. I could have four minutes with Eve and four minutes with Pegg and Cho combined.

Eve remembered me from an interview with did for “The Raven” and Cho recalled us chatting in San Francisco for “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.” This was my first chance to chat with Pegg and he ended up being as nice as I had hoped he would be. It’s always bad when you admire someone’s work but the person ends up being a jerk.

What you see here are the video interviews back-to-back. Normally, I would have edited them into two or more videos but due to technical problems that seemed like a five-year mission, you are seeing the raw footage. You will have to forgive the mildly abrupt jump between the two interview sessions.

It’s easy to see with this raw footage, why video interviews are going to get even more popular with print journalist. I can tell you in print all about an actor’s character, their résumé and share some stories. But, you really get to see how beautiful Eve is and how much fun it was to get to chat with Cho and Pegg through the video chats about “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

It’s all a brave new world that means more work for reporters. But, it does offer so much more to the reader that it’s worth the effort.

You can read my review of the movie here.

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