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Facebook post of the day: Geese is the word


As Stefon on “Saturday Night Live” might say (and, by the way, word came today that Bill Hader is leaving “SNL”), this Bee story by Chief Waterfowl Correspondent George Hostetter has it all: Charming baby creatures in peril. Big bad bureaucracy. Anguished neighbors. The heartstring-tugging motif of sad little wading pools instead of a big, abundant lake. Plus, it’s hot. We all know what it’s like to stew in our Fresno juices.

The one thing this story does not have, as Kyle Lowe correctly points out on Facebook, is Ryan Gosling. Or his immediate relatives. We would not want to be known, after all, as the city that puts theĀ (nearly) Sexiest Man AliveĀ in imminent danger.

Responses to "Facebook post of the day: Geese is the word" says:

As I glanced over the (gasp) printed paper today, noticed that headline, and thought ‘all those Ryan Gosling fans are going to go crazy!’ But, then reality hit, and realized, nobody who would be worried gets a real paper paper…..

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