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Missed on Monday: Spanspek, Light Thieves and Van Halen booked for the Mid State Fair

Pro tip for those in the information biz. Don’t get sick. A lot can happen in a day. Here’s some stuff that y’all may have missed on Monday, because I’m getting caught up.

  • Spanspek Music and Arts Festival announced its 2013 date. The annual festival has been held out in Orosi since 2006 and is curated by a couple of local music aficionados. So it has cache for having an eclectic lineup of up-and-coming local bands like Achievement House, Basura, Collecto, Sahab, Strange Vine, Tokyo Death March and Tyrannosaurus Zebra. The festival is booking bands now with updates as soon as they come. Save the date Oct. 4.
  • In case it hasn’t been stated emphatically on this site yet, Light Thieves is good. Like, really good. The band, which does psychedelic space-rock indie dance jams, has a new album all recorded and ready to be pressed to vinyl. Now they need to the money to get it done. They had the money, but it got stolen from the practice space, so now they’re asking for y’alls help. Because that’s what we do these days and it’s nice. See the band’s Indiegogo campaign to learn how to help. For some audio incentive, here is a single from the album. It’s called “Crystal Maps” and it comes with a video you can see on the jump.
  • The California Mid State Fair announced it has booked Van Halen to play July 24 as part of this year’s festivities. This is the original Van Halen (or as original as its been in some time): Eddie and Alex, with David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen on the bass. Surely, there are plenty of VH fans who will happily make the drive, after the band’s last Fresno show was postponed cancelled. Ticket are on sale Friday.

    You can check out the full schedule bands the fair has confirmed on its website, but it includes John Mayer, Tim McGraw and Huey Lewis and the News. Granted, The Fresno Fair has only confirmed three acts, so far, but I wonder how you think the lineups are looking in comparison?

    As promised Light Thieves, “Crystal Maps,” directed by music photographer, videographer, blogger Kevin Figueroa.

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Cristobal says:

Sweet, thanks for the write up Josh!

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