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My M-Day column features ‘My Mom on Movies’

There’s no better day to highlight my good friend Joshua Seftel’s fun web series “My Mom on Movies” than today. I lead off my Sunday Spotlight column with this clever offering from Seftel, a Manhattan-based filmmaker, who has turned his regular Skype sessions with his mother into a series of quirky video commentaries. That’s all thanks to Pat Seftel, 75, who brings a distinctive “Jewish mother” take on pop culture. One of my favorites is the episode on “50 Shades of Grey”:

In my column I also salute some exemplary portrayals of mothers on local stages and give a surprise shout-out to Cynthia Stuart, the well-known Fresno Philharmonic violinist. And … I tip my hat to my own beloved mother as well.

Happy Mom’s Day!

Responses to "My M-Day column features ‘My Mom on Movies’"

Renee N says:

“I like a nice hug.” Hahahahaha!!! Thanks for that Donald!

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