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Fres-Know: ‘Where’s my passport?’ edition


OOPS: Rule No. 1 when deciding to fly solo around the world: remember your passport. [Bee]

THE SPRAWL DIARIES: Decades from now, when columns of ranch-style houses march all the way up to Millerton Lake and beyond, people sitting in gridlocked traffic and breathing even worse air won’t look kindly back on yesterday. On this double-header day, the Fresno City Council got all gung-ho for the proposed health-sciences university at Millerton Lake — despite an outpouring of critics who said the campus should go downtown. Plus:  The City Council agreed to drop its lawsuit over a proposed mega-development along Highway 41 in Madera County. The developer of the 5,200-home Tesoro Viejo community can move forward without legal threat. We’ll have lots of fun paying for all that infrastructure — money that could have gone to strengthening Fresno’s urban core. There are some politicians in Fresno who don’t just hop in and out of the pockets of developers; they’re sewn in there permanently.

NEW YORK TIMES GUSHES: Critique of Audra McDonald’s Lincoln Center concert begins: “Absolutely thrilling.” If you ordered up your own critical review, could it start any better? [New York Times]

UNSCARY BEER: Evidently the folks who run this Saturday’s Fresno Craft Beer Festival (which isn’t actually in Fresno) are sticking by their downtown bashing in an effort to lure folks out to Avenue 7 in Madera. The festival’s website still says: “No more hot parking lot festivals or trying to find a parking spot in scary part of the city. Our place is beautiful, spacious, safe and FUN!” [Fresno Craft Beer Festival]

Responses to "Fres-Know: ‘Where’s my passport?’ edition"

blake says:

It is hard not to develop a case of sprawl-fighting-fatigue. Hope sometimes rears its teasing head: in cleaning my studio last night I came across a front-page clipping [4-20-12] “Fresno Votes to Stop Spawl”. (I’m just now noticing the date, and wondering if the type-setters had smoked too much before work that day.)….Oh Fresno, why can’t we wake up every day to headlines like that? or like the one I have prominently displayed on the wall here from 5-5-99:
“Bonadelle Pleads to Mail Fraud”.
Those were two good days.

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