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UPDATES: Grizzlies Kiss-Cam vid: Is it fake?

UPDATE NO. 3: CBS47′s Zara Arboleda declares authoritatively on Twitter: “Told you! The couple who “broke up” on  Fresno Grizzlies’ Kiss Cam staged it. Now I have “official” confirmation. Ha!” She links to this pic, and writes on her Facebook page that both work for the team.


Oh, and now Perez Hilton has picked the story up, and it’s featured on the U.S. edition of the Daily Mail  and, and many more by now. At least folks around the world today aren’t talking about how dusty Fresno is.

UPDATE NO. 2: Yes, this is silly stuff, but we’ve already opened this can of worms, so … now another Los Angeles Times writer has weighed in and thinks the video is fake (but interestingly never acknowledges his more trusting colleague). And NPR gets in on the action, too.

UPDATE: On his national Yahoo baseball blog Big League Stew, Beehive alum Mike Oz is likewise skeptical about the veracity of the Grizzlies video. But the sweet and trusting Los Angeles Times reports the story with the earnestness of a cute little mouse approaching a piece of cheese in a trap. Meanwhile, Beehive reader Ron Anderson finds a photo on a Grizzlies gallery of a staff member who looks very much like the spurned woman in the video.

ORIGINAL POST 5/7: At more than 200,000 hits this morning, this cheery video account of young love gone wrong is clearly making the rounds. It’s funny, but is it fake?

We asked Chris Kutz, media relations coordinator for the Grizzlies. His reply:

It definitely happened, and that dude was not too happy about the drink being spilled on him.

Well, yes, it definitely “happened,” unless you want to think the whole thing was done by CGI, but the Grizzlies’ answer still seems a little fuzzy. Two questions for Beehive readers: Do you think the whole thing was staged? And if so, does it matter?

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Responses to "UPDATES: Grizzlies Kiss-Cam vid: Is it fake?"

Stephen says:

Okay, now that I’ve seen the whole thing, I’m going with ‘staged.’

The drink appears to be water, but in a soda cup, which is suspicious. Then Parker just happens to be right there to escort her out??

Clever marketing methinks.

Does it matter? Naw. They got what they wanted, the national publicity.

Stephen says:

Further viewing proves it – just as she picks up the cup, the dude stashes his phone away – after the drink spill, his hand is empty now, phoneless – totally staged.

Doug says:

Staged. Parker is too lame a mascot to have been on the scene and spontaneously led out the offended young lady.

Doug says:

And no, it doesn’t matter, bc it’s pretty funny!

Kevin Mahan says:

this is FAKE. and LAME. The Grizzlies have a terrible track record. This is a strikeout looking. Almost as bad as this “real” video

Alex says:

The acting is horrible! Gosh, no one from Roger Rocka’s was available??

pk says:

I hate kiss cams now…..used to be a peck on the cheek and it was cute, NOW ; it’s who can give the most obnoxious, slobbery, disgusting, tongue down-throat (yeah, I’m looking at you FS Basketball last season) ‘Get a room’ type performances.
Sporting events should be family-friendly, this has become a real irritant….
This incident real or fake? …smh….

ps….thanks, I needed the rant!

Ron Anderson says:

Definitely staged, I’m almost positive that the girl is an employee of the Grizzlies who I’ve seen as one of Parker’s helpers walking through the stadium with him at several games. Does it matter, maybe not, but my guess is that it wouldn’t be a viral hit if the public knew it was staged.

Ron Anderson says:

Here’s a link to a picture from the Grizzlies recent event with PBS character Curious George with the girl in the picture wearing a Grizzlies ID badge:

mdub420 says:

I say embrace this video for what it is. A fun marketing tool to get Fresno and the Grizzlies some pub. The prices aren’t going to get any cheaper to attend the grizzlies game. There are already plenty of marketing tools being utilized to get people in the seats. The kiss cam is fun and we all know everyone in Fresno is down to get down. Use the kiss cam for self indulged people of Fresno to see themselves on the screen. People in this town already love themselves, now lets get them to the staduim so they can love themselves some more by trying to get on the screen and tell their friends that they are famous…..Fresno Famous!!!

Danielle says:


Lhatcher says:

It’s Kellie and she works for the Grizzlies…just having fun.

Drew Dorroh says:

The guy goes to Fresno State and lives in the Dorms in case if people are wondering who he is. Its probably a pub stunt

Jessika Zaragoza says:

It’s real! My husband had proposed to me that way! I wish I could get a copy of that tape!

Danielle says:

I think it’s pretty funny and cute. Good, fun publicity for the Grizzlies and for Fresno gets a thumbs up from me.

Mike Oz says:

Hi Beehive.
Thanks for the link, Donald.

Stephen says:

Zara FTW. The true journalistic scoop.

Still, it was fun, the publicity has worked wonders, Kellie from the Grizzlies is supercute, and I think it’s been amazing for the team.

Scott Perkins says:

Set up Parker was there for the lady so set up fake whatever still a good joke

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