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Work continues to fix broadcast problems

TV SERIES "BEWITCHED" RERUNMany local TV watchers have called to voice concerns that their converter boxes could be having problems. They haven’t been able to watch several over-the-air TV station including the very popular MeTV (KGMC 43.6) that shows older programming such as “Bewitched,” “Dragnet,” “Emergency” and “Batman.”

Stop worrying. The problem is not on the viewer’s end but has to do with where the signal starts.

Gary Cocola, owner of the Cocola Broadcasting TV stations, called the problem that knocked 14 of his channels — off the air for at least seven days “a comedy of errors.”

Cocola says the initial diagnosis was a problem with the receiver at Bear Mountain and a replacement was shipped on Friday. When that didn’t correct the problem, the diagnosis was a problem with the transmitter sending the signal for the station’s office on Herndon Avenue to the mountain location. That wasn’t what knocked the stations off the air.

Cocola is now saying his TV stations will be back on the air on Wednesday.

Of the hundreds of calls the station group has received, 98% were from viewers upset they could not see the nostalgia programming that airs on MeTV.

Responses to "Work continues to fix broadcast problems"

JJJJ says:

Whatever happened to the local OTA broadcast of MTV Tres?

Did it stop or was the signal just weakened?

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