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To do: Lovebirds@Tokyo Garden, tomorrow

shapeimage_3Lindsay White and Veronica May are lovebirds, or at very least, The Lovebirds (capitalized with a definite article). In Youtube videos, the San Diego folk duo come across as a well-matched set, quirky and charming and belting out songs with unabashed joy. The pair is on tour in support of its latest album “and a one, and a two,” and play tomorrow night at Tokyo Garden. In advance of the show, we caught up with White via email.

From the youtube videos I’ve watched, it seems like The Lovebirds is a fitting name? Am I off base? Give me some history on how The Lovebirds came together. Musically or otherwise.

Veronica and I both had established solo and band projects in San Diego before we met and started writing together about three years ago. We found a great connection through music and eventually started dating. I think Veronica eventually came up with the name The Lovebirds, and it stuck. We recently (about a month ago) decided to take a break from our romantic partnership in order to preserve our musical partnership. We both feel that our connection is stronger and more meaningful in the musical realm, which can be hard for people to understand. It requires a great deal of strength and maturity to break up AND stay together, but we are trying to put our music first and let that also be the thing that heals us. It always has in the past, and we trust it will now.

Musically, what you do seems to lend itself to Youtube. Is posting videos important, from a career perspective? Or just something you do for fun? How does it differ from a live show or studio album?

We have always recorded and posted videos after writing new songs. The practical reason is to memorize the song and have a reference to come back to. We also like to keep our friends and fans posted with the latest songs we’ve written. It allows us to receive honest and immediate feedback. We do actively engage in social media platforms. While it is smart to do so from a business/marketing perspective, we genuinely enjoy being able to engage with others, and this is an easy and fun way to do it. It is very relaxed and casual though. Our recorded works and live performances are much more polished and professional (but still very silly at times).

Tell us about the just-released album and why people should search it out.

We just released our second album “and a one, and a two” with Jeff Berkley at Berkley Sound in San Diego. He also produced our debut album “Nutsy Pants” last year. We are so very proud of the latest album. We worked very hard on it and we love the way it explores various genres while still remaining cohesive via our signature harmonies. We could not be happier with the production and the quality of songwriting.

We love to hear Fresno stories. Last time you played here, I was told you had a great time. Care to share the experience?

Last year, we played at Fresno Brewing Company, and we had a blast! We didn’t know what to expect because the venue was tucked away in what seemed like an abandoned strip mall. But once we walked in, we knew it would be a great night! Tons of friends and family showed up (I am originally from Corcoran, so there is a little bit of hometown love every time we play in the Valley). We made friends with the bar owners and “regulars” and stayed after our set jamming and singing with them. We knew we wanted to come back to this venue again! (Editor’s note: The band will be there May 29).

What have I missed, beside maybe everything?

We are so grateful for the opportunity to make music and connect with so many wonderful people as a result. This is our second West Coast tour in two years, and we always marvel at how blessed we are to have such wonderful experiences. From the talented musicians we get to perform with, visiting with old friends in different cities, making new friends/fans at each show, we are thrilled to use music to enhance our human experience. There is something in this day and age that hinders us from having true person-to-person encounters, but being on tour really brings these relationships to the forefront, and that is our favorite part about being on the road!

The Lovebirds play 9 p.m., Wednesday at Tokyo Garden. $3 at the door.

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Heather P says:

Just to connect the Fresno Dots a bit: Lindsay White’s older sister is Haley White, who just played Oscar Wilde in The New Ensemble’s “Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” in the Tower District.

The Beehive Interview: Haley White

Talent runs pretty thick in their blood!

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