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‘Wicked’ returning to Fresno in 2014


Fresno really likes its “Wicked” — so much so that producers are bringing it back. Season subscribers to Broadway in Fresno learned over the weekend learned that the hugely popular musical, which sold out a 16-performance run at the Saroyan Theatre in 2011, is returning next year. The show will run April 2-13, with performances for season subscribers blocked out for Friday, April 4, and Saturday, April 5. I’m sure we’ll be hearing details in the days to come on how to get tickets for the remaining performances.

The other big news: The touring production of  “Memphis the Musical” will arrive May 13 and 14, 2014. I’m very pleased that this show, which won the best-musical Tony in 2010, is making it to Fresno in a timely manner.

There are two other shows announced on the lineup: The new musical “Million Dollar Quartet,” featuring the music of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, which opened on Broadway in 2010, will play Nov. 19-20. And while a national tour of “Hello, Dolly!” isn’t exactly breaking news, the version coming Feb. 18-19 stars Sally Struthers, which gives it some kitsch value.


Responses to "‘Wicked’ returning to Fresno in 2014"

Stephen says:


Also-rans again.

They’re gonna milk us for all the Wicked money we can spare, Bring a tired old musical with a very heavy and tired old 70′s star, a hardly Tony-mentionable Million Dollar Boretet, and grace us with one sharp new show.

Book of Mormon, wherefore art thou?


I guess I can’t blame promoters. Fresno is a near-impossible town to predict unless it’s bringing a celebrity name alongside it. I guess for Fresno, Sally Struthers will have to do. (Loved her in ‘Five Easy Pieces,’ ‘The Getaway’ (she started as a sexthang), and as Bess in the TV Houdini movie. After ‘All in the Family,’ tho?


George B. Feist says:

Looking forward to the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET…I will be rockin that night…

Cheri Witter-Lawrence says:

How can we get info for the Wicked show ?

Robert says:

To Stephen, I thoroughly enjoyed Wicked when it came to Fresno. It was the first stage show I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely loved it! Ive been ranting and raving to all my friends about it, and now I can finally get to share the experience with them! I am starting to view theater plays as LIVE movies, and who doesn’t like to rewatch a movie from time to time? I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Mdaridnbe says:

Theatre goers would spend their time and money more wisely to see Wicked somewhere else, not Fresno. I saw it in SF and then in Fresno. No comparison. Wasn’t even the same show. The staging and sound system at the Saroyan just doesn’t do this type of production any justice

Steve says:

The one you saw in SF might have been a different tour. The tour that comes to Fresno is the second national tour which is made to fit smaller capacity theaters works well in the Saroyan and as for the sound system, the Saroyan lacks a sound system leaving that up to the shows they book. Wicked brings their own sound system which also works in the Saroyan. Also, ticket prices are cheaper, valley dwellers won’t have to drive hours to see the show and it gives the local economy a boost that could help the city make improvement to the Saroyan to accommodate new shows that they might be able to work up enough money to book.

Deanna Stowell says:

I missed the last time it was here….I’m not going to make that mistake again.

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