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The Fresno Craft Beer Festival isn’t in Fresno

Craft-Beer-LogoThe Fresno Craft Beer Festival bills itself as “the ONLY craft beer festival in Fresno.” Just one problem. It’s in Madera.

The event, which runs from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, May 11 and features 30 breweries, is at ApCal (which some may know as Appellation California). The wine tasting and event venue regularly hosts live music and other events on its big lawn with the 100-year-old oak tree. ApCal isn’t that far from Fresno. In fact, the boundary between Fresno and Madera counties follows the San Joaquin River and ApCal, on Avenue 7, is only 1.3 miles from the river via Highway 99.

The festival’s logo features the city of Fresno’s flag, though. And Facebooker Kiel Thomas Schmidt points out this language on the website promoting the festival:

“No more hot parking lot festivals or trying to find a parking spot in scary part of the city. Our place is beautiful, spacious, safe andĀ FUN!”

Says Schmidt: “It also seems to slam both the Downtown Fresno’s Sudz in the City and Tower’s Oktoberfest. Though, I bet there won’t be any craft brewers at this one that weren’t at the other two.”

So what do you think, dear readers? Does it matter that the Fresno Craft Beer Festival isn’t in Fresno or is ApCal close enough? Are you offended by the apparent dis of the other beer festivals?

Responses to "The Fresno Craft Beer Festival isn’t in Fresno"

HarmsWayChad says:

I have been a fan of ApCal and their events although the parking lot is on dirt and it does get rather hot out there. If this person who wrote this truly knows about Downtown Fresno they would know that it is much safer than most North Fresno venues and places.

I would have not billed it as “Fresno Craft Beer Festival” I would have simply called it the Valley Craft Beer Festival or The Central California Beer Festival.

Craig Miller says:

I have never had a problem downtown or in the Tower. Got broken into twice on the North side though. Less “Scary”? Grrlll….I’ve heard rummers of inbred cannibals out in those neck of the woods. :)

Mike Zaremba says:

Why is this being compared to North Fresno? ApCal is on 99 and Ave 7.

Josh Tehee says:

Thanks to Kiel for calling them out on this. Not so much the whole Fresno Beer Festival at a winery in Madera. That’s … whatever. But the whole downtown/Tower party-safety thing has been done to death. Get a new line already.

mdub420 says:

They are also taking a shot at Springtini festivals held at Palm/Nees and Fort Washington. Those are hot parking lot festivals.

mdub420 says:

I thought this festival was next weekend?

Bethany Clough says:

You are correct, mdub. Adding date to clarify.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

I started going to AP CAL when it started. We bring our dog, too (and doggie bags too) Fresno would probably complain about something. They have NO NEIGHBORS and so the sound goes to the vineyards and highway…its 7 miles from my house so perfect.

Mike says:

They could promote their event without taking shots at our city. Makes me less inclined to go there than I would be otherwise. Totally no need to go negative. says:


Tony says:

I haven’t been to Sudz in the City for a few years now and won’t go back until I hear it’s changed. Too many people crammed into the concourse at the stadium and the patrons are less about tasting or experiencing craft brews as they are to challenging themselves to refill their cup as many times as possible during the event. ApCal puts on events very well and I have faith they will provide a great venue for such an event. As for the name, it’s nitpicky but I agree that maybe Central Cal or Valley would be better than Fresno.

Nick says:

Yes,I’m offended. Not only did they rip on Downtown, they modeled their event after the new Suds in the City format. Suds implemented the VIP ticket last year, and had live music and food. I guess by offering 1 oz. more you have a whole new event.

BeerTimer says:

I think this means that Fresno has “made it” – When people from other cities (and counties) call their event a Fresno event to add legitimacy. I agree with other commenters that ripping on downtown has been done to death. Is that all they have to brag about? Sad. Sudz in the City was a new format last year and it was great. 3oz of beer, VIP section etc. Anyone who went in years past and didn’t like it would definitely like the new format.

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