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Concert review: Inferno of Joy/Blake Jones and the Trike Shop

image (2)It’s starting to feel like I only see bands at Tokyo Garden, which is fine. It’s my local, to use hipster speak (see definition 1). The place feels like home, is within walking distance and tends to have cool bands stopping through.

Inferno of Joy: This San Francisco four-piece puts on a … theatrical performance, let’s say. Lots of gyrations. Lots of sweating and jumping around. Lots of animal screams. This is rock and roll revival. Having never seen/heard the band before (other than quick clips on Youtube) I found myself making easy comparisons. This isn’t quite fair to the band, but it’s probably good reference for others.

Musically they were equal measures of The Doors, The Stooges and The Bad Seeds. At points, Sean Hesket was a pogo-dancing Iggy Pop, with a sneering inflections. Other times, it was full on Morrison wail, followed up with Cave’s cool, crisp enunciations. It was blues rock and proto-punk all done with enough fury that by the end of the set I half expected guitarist Hugh Yerburgh to put his Strat through the amp. He did not.

Blake Jones and the Trike Shop: The Trike Shop has a new EP out. It’s a collection of oddities–rare tracks, old tracks, some new and unreleased songs. The band rearranged its live set accordingly. They sort of promo-ed the disk and if you’ve seen the band more than a few time (like I have), it was a treat. Highlights: “Ross Used to Play Us His Frank Zappa Records,” a old tune (from like 1997, I think) that shows Blake has actually mellowed out and become more poppy in his years. People always think of The Trike shop as a quirky little band and songs like this are why. Particularly awesome was the Annette Funicello-”Jamaica ska” interlude that was neither Jamacian or ska, but still a fun sing-along.

Responses to "Concert review: Inferno of Joy/Blake Jones and the Trike Shop"

blake says:

Fantastic to see that the Bee’s newmusicperson , just like the last one, *goes out to shows*.—very cool.
Of course, like many local shows, we wish the crowd had been more…’crowded’. I know we were up against a very cool show at the Oly.
Inferno of Joy seemed to have a great time, and enjoyed their Fresno experience–late-night-tale:
as they turned about on Fulton to get back to the 99 (and mind you..this is midnight on a downtown), they had to slow, because a man (not a cop) on horseback was crossing the street (!!!)–as they pulled away, they yelled out the window “We wanna stay in Fresno!!!”—ah, the tourist board should be giving us (esp. Toshi&Tommy from Tokyo)kickbacks!—-
and I’m not sure why, but I think you’ve really thrown down the guantlet with this one:” shows Blake has actually mellowed out and become more poppy in his years”–esp. to a guy like me who despises ‘yacht rock’ and ‘jacuzzi jazz’.[I'm going on an all-JoeStrummer/MC5 diet for the next 6 months]…ha!—bottom line: Thanks for working hard to put so much “local” into your music coverage!

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