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Tonight: Inferno of Joy + Blake Jones and the Trike Shop

941726_538898939481883_1183944484_nI’ve already mentioned a couple of happenings tonight.

Let me add to the list, San Francisco’s Inferno of Joy. The band will be playing tonight at Tokyo Garden with Blake Jones and the Trike Shop. It’s one of those after-Arthop parties that happen at Tokyo and can be quite fun.

The real reason you’ll want to be there though, is to pick up a just-arrived-via-UPS-copy of Blake Jone’s new EP,”Teasers from the Whispermaphone.” Heard told it’s a good one.

Also: Inferno of Joy seems like a band I’d like. So, if you’re taste run akin to mine … Here’s a video so you can decide.

Responses to "Tonight: Inferno of Joy + Blake Jones and the Trike Shop"

blake says:

Thanks for the plug for the show. Looking forward to hearing S.F.’s Inferno of Joy, and showing of our own new CD. See y’all after Arthop tonight!

Cristobal says:

Blake! How can I get a copy if I can’t make it to the show tonight!?

blake says:

Thanks Cristobal for the enthusiasm. As it’s just landed on the ol’ doorstep, it’ll be about 2 weeks before it’s floating out in the REGULAR WORLD: internet shopping [dowload or CD], local friendly shops like YoshiNow. I’ll definitely spread the word. In the meantime, it’s only available at shows, or the out-the-trunk-of-my-car boutique.

Jay says:

Hi Blake… this new EP… these are old songs or part new/part old?

blake says:

Hi Jay,
The official word on the new Trike Shop EP “Teasers from the Whispermaphone” is
“a short album of new, unreleased, or severely under-released tracks. Many of them hint
at albums currently in the works.”
–truth is, there’s only one recording on here that’s on a previously released Trike Shop album…the rest are either exclusive or were pressed privately for special occassions.
So even Trike Shop Collectors (of which we’ve had confirmed sightings of at *least* 3 or 4,
need to have this goodie for their shelves. Thanks Jay for the interest and support!

blake says:

and, for those 3 or 4 completists…and for those hundreds of local music supporters. The new FRESNO COVERS FRESNO album (CD/download/whatever format ya want) is being sent out into the world this FRIDAY, July 12 at Fresno Brewing Co.—(and it *does* feature an exclusive Trike Shop track—-a cover of Poplord’s “Rent One from Jane” …along with 15 *other* exclusive tracks by local bands…covering other local bands). Come out and support this awesome community effort—-special EARLY…All-Ages show…at 7:30.

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