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Water crisis documentary will be screened

MTD EPZ WATER MARCH RODRIGUEZ 2The documentary, “The Fight for Water: A Farm Worker Struggle,” will be shown at at 5 p.m. Thursday (May 2) at Fresno State’s University Center, Room 200, 5241 N Maple Ave. It’s being presented by the Department of Chicano and Latin American Studies and Literatures, Arts and Cultures of the Americas Program.

Admission is free.

Juan Carlos Oseguera, the filmmaker who’s been part of the CSU Summer Arts at Fresno State, will be at the screening to talk with guests who were featured in the film.

The movie looks at the California Water Crisis of 2009 focusing on the impact a federal ruling had on the farm working community on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. It looks at the unified response by the community to the water situation with an emphasis on Joe Del Bosque and George Delgado, two farmers who are Fresno State Alumni.

Actor/comedian Paul Rodriguez, who helped organize a water march for the farmers and farm workers, also is featured in the film.

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