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Stark Industries invades Disneyland

IRON MAN 3“Iron Man 3” is in 3D but that visual gimmick doesn’t draw you into the world of the comic books like a new display at Disneyland. The Innoventions attraction in Disneyland Park features a Hall of Armor from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. The suits on display are authentic movie armors including the Mark I-VII featured in “Iron Man 3.”

Here’s the kicker. Through some camera trickery, you’ll be able to virtually “suit up” and operate the latest pieces of Mark 42 armor – and even test it out.

Included in the Hall of Armor display are:

Mark I: The suit Tony Stark built from a scraps” while imprisoned in an enemy camp,.

Mark II: The Mark II is more streamlined than the Mark I and looks more like the Iron Man we know today.

Mark III: It’s the signature Iron Man red and gold color scheme. The armor can withstand fighter jet fire and explosive shells.

Mark IV: The Mark IV debuted in 2010 when Iron Man made a dramatic landing on the stage at the Stark Expo.

Mark V: The Mark V is a suit Tony reserves only for emergencies and can retract into a suitcase.

Mark VI: The Mark VI is incredibly durable and can withstand prolonged and heavy combat situations.

Mark VII: Stark first deployed the Mark VII armor during the battle in New York when Loki threw him out a window of his penthouse apartment in Stark Tower.

Mark 42: The suit’s equipped with proprietary Stark Industries prehensile technology that enables Tony to “call” his suit to him.

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sarah says:

wow thats so cool.

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