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Kingsley better interview than Downey

Robert Downey Jr.Later this week, you’ll be able to read my interview with Sir Ben Kingsley as part of my coverage of “Iron Man 3.” I’m often asked why I will do stories on actors in movies other than those who are the main star. In this case, it was a no brainer. Any chance to chat with an Oscar-winning actor should never be missed.

Kingsley could not talk a lot about playing the villainous Mandarin in the movie but we did chat about how he selects roles and his process for bringing a character to life. Kingsley also talked about how being knighted was the greatest honor in his life.

The problem with Robert Downey Jr. — the man behind the Iron Man armor — is that he will either answer a question with a funny remark or won’t answer the question he’s been asked. A simple question about whether this would be the last “Iron Man” movie for him got an odd response.

Downey starts by saying he can’t discuss the franchise future at this time. Then he changes gears completely.

“I do want to say that our stunt coordinator, Marcos Rounthwaite came to me at one point and he said, ‘You see Don (Cheadle) just rolled into the room and fired off all those shots and miss all these things. Then he went exactly where he was supposed to go?’ I said, ‘Yeah, what are you getting at?’ He goes, ‘Nothing’,” says Downey. After that weird swerve he goes back to talking about anything could happen with the franchise.

Later, in a response to a question of where Downey would like to see Iron Man go emotionally, the actor says, “I seem to have wound up with two glasses of water in front of me. So I’m absolutely out of mind right now.”

That’s why Kingsley’s the centerpiece of my “Iron Man 3” coverage.

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