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New place to shop: Tsu Tsu Boutique

MARK CROSSE/THE FRESNO BEE Osry Tsudama poses at her Tsu Tsu Bou

Owner Osry Tsudama at Tsu Tsu Boutique. Photo by Mark Crosse.

Tsu Tsu Boutique just celebrated its first anniversary, so it’s not exactly new, but I have a feeling some shoppers haven’t discovered this little consignment shop in the Tower District.

The store sells gently used women’s clothing, jewelry and handbags and is at 727 E. Olive Ave., next to Bobby Salazar’s. It’s similar in concept in Plato’s Closet, buying clothes outright from sellers and reselling them at a discount. Unlike Plato’s though, Tsu Tsu (pronounced “su su”) doesn’t focus on teeny boppers and tank tops. Instead, it sells clothing geared toward women their 20s, 30s and older. The clothes are trendy, but not too skin baring.

The boutique does lots of business in high-end jeans. Owner Osry Tsudama found there was a market for selling such jeans after shoppers who spent hundreds of dollars found they just didn’t fit right after the first wash. Brands such as True Religion, J Brand and bebe denim run between $35 and $59 at Tsu Tsu.

The store also sells used Coach handbags and other high-end purses. The jewelry sold at the store is new.

And shoppers will also find Osry’s collection of modified denim shorts. She dyes them, adds swaths of fabric, studs and other embellishments. Keep scrolling for more photos of what the boutique sells.

Osry Tsudama Tsu Tsu Boutique

Osry Tsudama Tsu Tsu Boutique
Osry Tsudama Tsu Tsu Boutique
Osry Tsudama Tsu Tsu Boutique


Responses to "New place to shop: Tsu Tsu Boutique"

LaLa says:

I thought “consignment” means to retain ownership of an item until after its sale. I wouldn’t categorize either Tsu Tsu or Plato’s Closet as a consignment shop, because both stores outright buy the items from private parties, then re-sell them after marking up the price. The original owner doesn’t retain ownership once the item(s) is placed for sale in the store, they have already been compensated for the item(s). I love both places (Tsu Tsu more!) but I was just wondering about the correct use of the word consignment in this article. Nonetheless, thanks for writing about one of Fresno’s most awesome hidden gems! Osry is a great person, too.

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