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New sushi joint opens in northeast Fresno

Sushi 015Roll One for Mi, “a sushi joint,” has opened in northeast Fresno.

The restaurant opened on 4/20 in the Via Montaña shopping center at Champlain Drive and Shepherd Avenue (that’s the one with Yosemite Ranch and Vino & Friends).

The restaurant brings together three sushi chefs who have worked at Wassabi, Roe, Sushi Day and Yoshino. The large menu includes raw fish, along with cooked fish, chicken and beef dishes and bento boxes. See images of the menu below (click on them to enlarge).

One favorite not on the menu: The rattlesnake roll with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, asparagus and cream cheese wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried “like a sushi chimichanga,” says co-owner Steve Wayte.

Wayte and Tom Tymn opened the restaurant after the economy took out their construction supply and fire sprinkler companies. Wayte is the co-founder of the local Tea Party and hosted the Tea Party Boot Camp radio show on KYNO.

But Tymn is quick to point out that Wayte won’t talk politics with you if you don’t want to. And despite the pun on marijuana in the name, you won’t find any at the restaurant. “Mi,” by the way, is Japanese for beauty, Wayte says.

menu 2
menu 3

Responses to "New sushi joint opens in northeast Fresno"

Marcus aurelius says:

Was not impressed. Sushi was bland. If you are looking for great sushi places and priced right go to either Sakura Chaya or Sakanaya. The service was bad, we got our food and never got our drinks. We had to ask the owner for our drinks even though the waitress came to our table to drop our food off. The other problem is that their fountain drinks are flat and warm, even asked the waitress to check the carbonation. The owner came out from his office and checked it by grabbing a glass and having some soda and saying it was great and that it had plenty of carbonation. Then we noticed that he would go around to each table asking the guest how dinner was but never came to our table. I guess he was upset that we complained twice, which is ok by me because I’m hoping that by reading my experience about this place you won’t go there. I also want to add that the owner waves us to the table instead of walking us to the table and for an owner it seemed as he was louder than the whole place.

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