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Das Bierhaus beer seller opens

Das Bierhaus 019It’s like a Starbucks for craft beer.

That’s how manager Saúl Aguilar describes  Das Bierhaus, which is finally up and running in the Tower District, across the street from Spectrum Gallery.

“You can come in and drink it here, or you take it home,” he says of the beer sold at the bottle shop.

Das Bierhaus (yes, it means “the beer house” in German)  has two coolers full of craft beer. Customers can pop open a cold one there for a $1 corkage fee (the department of alcoholic beverage control requires that) and drink it at one of the tables or bars. Or, they can buy bottles and take them home. A “build your own six pack” lets customers mix and match beers for $9.99.

The business specializes in craft beers and keeps prices low on local beers, including Riley’s and Tioga-Sequoia. Das Bierhaus gets lots of craft beer fans who have discovered something new on tap at places like Spokeasy or Fresno Brewing Company and come to Das Bierhaus looking to buy some to take home.

The bottle shop concept is new to the central San Joaquin Valley, but it’s one that’s becoming popular in larger cities. Because it’s not truly a bar, nor just a retail store (there will be beer on tap in the coming months, by the way) the business got a little tangled up in red tape before opening. But it’s here now and if you want to check it out, my former colleague Mike Oz is having an Ozmosis Happy Hour at the place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. tonight. More photos below.Das Bierhaus 009

Saúl Aguilar is the manager at Das Bierhaus

Saúl Aguilar is the manager at Das Bierhaus

Responses to "Das Bierhaus beer seller opens"

The Real Dave says:


any tips on where to buy local wine though? I have some favorites i.e. twin pomogranates, etc but they are very hard to find, and costco for some fresno state ones

Jacquelyn says:

I’ve seen twin poms at Save Mart stores in the Fresno/Madera area.

The Real Dave says:

bueller, bueller, bueller………

JJJJ says:

Now Fresno just needs a Beer Garden.

blake says:

quoting my own grandfather: “Bier is das bestest brot!”. Go Opa!

Adam says:

This will be a great place to try new beers! If only the SGI could get me home.

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