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BANDGEEK!: Tattoos, Suppressors, Maps, Atlases and more

44812_10151181904164364_985628685_nIf you’re not going out to the the Clovis Rodeo (so many of you no doubt will), you’ll need something to do this weekend. Lucky for you, I keep a running list of music events. And I share. So here it is, this week’s BANDGEEEEEEEK!

TONIGHT (Thursday):





Responses to "BANDGEEK!: Tattoos, Suppressors, Maps, Atlases and more"

blake says:

and don’t forget, next Thursday is Art-Hop—and there’s an
After-Art-Hop Party at Tokyo Garden with

Inferno of Joy (indie-rock from San Francisco)
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop (art pop from your own backyard)

——–music begins at 9pm. See ya after you’re well art-hopped!

mdub420 says:

I don’t have a tattoo and want to go to the tattoo convention because I think tatted up latinas are hot. Is it a requirement to get a tattoo at the convention? I don’t want a tattoo, i just want to go to look at latinas.

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