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Group of locals looking to buy The Starline?

Facebook is great. It’s where I get all my news tips (just kidding, I’m a professional).

But I did see: News that a group of locals (including Paul Cruikshank, Jason Pistoresi, Steve Richard and Eddy from Numbskull Productions) is buying (or according to the post I saw already bought) the Starline and Starline Grill. I am working to confirm and track down some more info on what this might mean if it’s true, but my initial reaction is this will be great for the scene. So…stay tuned for more.

Responses to "Group of locals looking to buy The Starline?"

mas says:

Cool! This sounds like the kind of crew that would book touring and local bands more than cover bands to draw in the crowds!

TJ says:

The big question that I’m sure all of the local musicians are asking – will they finally be getting rid of Dennis?

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