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UPDATE: You can win tickets to see ‘Iron Man 3′

IRON MAN 3The winners of the tickets to the advance screening of “Iron Man 3” on Tuesday are: Nici, Michael, Chrissy, Keira G, Edee, christ zorrila, Lav, Maricela, Martin and Quentin.

Not only do they get to see the movie early, the winners will receive special edition Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” 3D glasses, courtesy of RealD 3D.

Keep watching for another “Iron Man 3” contest once the movie opens and future movie screening events.

 ORIGINAL POST:  The summer movie season is about to start and The Beehive wants to give you a chance to see one of the most anticipated movies of the upcoming summer — “Iron Man 3” — for free. We have ten (10) pairs of tickets for reserved seats to see the the advance screening of the film at 7:30 p.m. April 30. If you are lucky enough to get a pair of these tickets, you won’t have to stand in the long line to get into the theater.

The tickets will be given away through a random drawing of those who send a comment to this blog. You need to tell me what you would do if you had as much money as Tony Stark.

Comments must be posted no later than noon April 26. The ten (10) winners will be notified by 5 p.m. April 29.

Good luck.

The rules and regulations are below.

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. Winners will be picked at random. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

© 2013 Marvel and RealD and the RealD logos are trademarks of RealD Inc.

Responses to "UPDATE: You can win tickets to see ‘Iron Man 3′"

Daniel iniguez says:

I would give money to charity’s that helped me threw my illness!!! And take care of my family and lovely life

Martin Cortez says:

If I had “Tony Stark Money” I would do so much. Of course I would go with the typical give some to charity. Also, since I have lived in Fresno County my whole life in my small town, I would love to help out by giving money to the schools and businesses that need it. Then after the generosity part, I would of course indulge. I would go on a shopping spree, buy my parents a new house, new car, and they would never have to work another day in their lives. Man, now I wish I had Tony Stark money. I will settle for tickets though.

Travis Johnson says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I would be a playboy philanthropist. Living the life and giving back to those who are less fortunate. I would definitely pump up my wardrobe and travel arrangements. =)

Casper Munoz says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark? Hmmm I mean Tony Stark is already doing such an awesome job with his money! But if I wasn’t gonna do that, id say I’d build a casino/hotel in Vegas! Make the money keep coming in!

Emily says:

Well if I had that much money I definitely wouldn’t have to try and win tickets to see the movie. Lol

Emily says:

Well if i had that much money I definitely wouldnt have to try and win tickets to go and see the movie :)

steve Ramirez says:

Can’t wait to see this movie!

Mike Chrisco says:

I would travel the world and see as much of it as I could.

Thatfresnodude says:

Come on mr. Bentley pick me.

John Vang says:

I am tony stark and I am iron man.

Claudia says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark I would travel, then travel some more. I would definitely bring some friends and family members along.

Raul says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I’d keep on inventing new toys to fight crime with!

Daniel says:

Travel travel and more travel! Then eat expensive food…a lot of it.

Keith H says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I would help my friends and family 10 fold for all the help they have given me during my life when I struggled to get by. I would help my Grandpa play off all of his dept for the farm that he has worked so hard to build so he can continue what he has achieved. And I would work all over the world to end conflict and hunger to the best of my ability.

Wes says:

If I had that much money as Tony Stark meaning about a billion dollars I would definitely go to many charities and help out, pay off all of my bills and debt, travel the world and possibly buy a top notch legit IRON MAN suit to go with it!!

Will says:

If I had Tony Stark’s money I would definitely blow it out on traveling and go to places that I haven’t seen before plus fly 1st class everywhere :)

Julita says:

Having a billion dollars like Mr. Tony Stark would be exciting and overwhelming and I would use it mainly to invest a lot of it in savings to let it grow, buy a hotel and a casino and make the money grow even larger. It’s always good to dream like this makes me happy!!!

sarah chrisco says:

i would try to make one of iron mans suits and fly around the world with that. i love iron man movies .

Donna Bray says:

Being rich like Tony Stark I would help many different charities around the globe and definitely travel the globe also and maybe climb Mount Everest!!

Rod says:

If I had a billion dollars like Tony Stark I would definitely quit my job, save a lot of it to let the money grow and give everybody in my neighborhood a nice car so everyone can have an Oprah moment and be ecstatic…you get a car you get a car!!!

Mitch says:

Mainly spend most of the money but won’t splurge too much if I had Tony Stark’s moolah!!!

Chad says:

Help my family and friends out first with the amount of money that Tony Stark has and definitely buy a hotel and resort in Antarctica, that would be so epic!!!

Lav says:

With that massive amount of money that Tony has I would definitely party it up everyday, fly to the moon, build sweet looking hotels and casinos in many different places and have all the wine I can drink!!!!

Kyle says:

If I had Tony Stark’s money, I would definitely travel. I wouldn’t want to live lavishly, just enjoy my time on this planet with a little less worry.

Chris T. says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark the first thing I would do is get rid of my debt and after that go on a massive travel/shopping spree for weeks and weeks. Just enjoy as much as I can with it!!!

Noemi H. says:

If I had that much mula, I would def make sure none of my immediate family never had to work again.. With all that time on our hands we could volunteer to help a lot more organizations/friends in need.. :))

Quentin says:

I would make another Iron Man movie

Maricela says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I would quit my job and be a stay at home mommy.

Fidel says:

If I had as much money as Tony I would purchase the Fulton Mall and revive it!

Gina says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I’d buy myself a nice steak dinner and then think about what I want to do with the rest of the money. :)

brodiemash says:

I would buy a Bee subscription so I wouldn’t have to deal with this pay wall ever again.

Derek says:

Retire and travel the world.

Christina Esquivel says:

If i had money like Tony Shark, I would retire and take my grandchildren to Disney world in Florida.

Jorge says:

If i were as rich as tony stark. I would fight crime, create a sports store and make a tv show

sarah chrisco says:

i would buy a big house then put some money for the people who need it or travel .

R says:

If I had Tony Stark’s money (which, considering how much he must spend on Iron Man suits while making enough money to repair and replace them…) I’d put the majority of it into trust funds for myself and my family, with a self-funded discretionary budget to help out worthy charities and causes throughout the year.

stephen abbas says:

If I had that much money, pay off student loans, my brothers student Loans, and then really get an awesome iron man suit for all the comic cons. Build the best movie room.

Marie says:

With all that money that Tony Stark has, the possibilities are endless. I would travel, buy luxury, help people out and invest in a lot of real estate.

Janet says:

If I had that much $$$$ first I would pay off debts then…go crazyyyyyy!

Lisa says:

If I had as much money as Tiny Stark, I would build my own school. It would start later at 10am and go till 5pm, since its been shown that 8am is too early developing minds to learn.

J. Rafael Torres says:

I’d buy a small tropical island, build the tallest building in the world and inhabit it with only Victoria secret models. Then there would be no reason to ever leave my island. I’d also do something nice for Fresno, like build that IKEA they’ve always dreamed of.

katbon says:

I would have a foundation that helps people out with little amounts of money like funding a school trip or paying for new equipment or funerals for poor people. I’d also go to Disneyland whenever I wanted.

Bill says:

If I had Tony Stark’s money, I would be out saving the world. … On second thought, that sounds like work. Maybe I’ll just quit my job, move to Bora Bora and sip Mai Tais.

Ernie says:

I would funnel money into creating a DeLorean time machine.

christ zorrila says:

if i’m rich like tony stark,i’m gonna buy some tickets to see IRON MAN 3,and i’m gonna give them to my family and friends.
And i’m gonna give some money for the charity,and then i will hire some people to build a school that is free of charge,.
And then i’m gonna run for president and use my money to give to the poor so i could be voted,and when i’m already a president i will declare that there will be no more taxes :D

kim says:

I would pay off all debt for my immediate & extended family.

sarah chrisco says:

if i had alot of money i would make my stories into movies.

Corey Kielan says:

I would solve world hunger and world peace!! Ha ha just kidding. I would probably spend it on stuff that I don’t need.

Erick says:

Pay off student loan debt and nail down my retirement.

Andrew Toschi says:

Invest it. :)

Christian brown says:

I would donate some, build some houses, and I would also pay for some one to build me a ironman suit

Efren says:

Pay off debts….fund local charities and help Fresno grow.

Heather says:

I’d buy Captain America.

Sabrina says:

If I had Tony Stark’s money, I would invest in overthrowing every corrupt government in the world and help support TRUE and TRANSPARENT global democracy.

Vicki says:

We all first want to give to charity, and I would support my local church. I also would be able to provide college funds for my grandchildren (one of whom would LOVE to get these tickets!) and help them with a car and insurance. I could also help my daughter move her four-person family out of their 700 square foot condo and get them more space. But the most true thing is that I would hope I wouldn’t lose my mind with so much money because it is a huge responsibility.

Danielle says:

I would donate half of it, take care of my loved ones & everyone who has ever helped me out in some way, and travel the world extensively.

Eric W says:

I’d donate to charity, put solar panels on every roof in America, feed the hungry, house the homeless… and also build a kick-ass Iron Man suit, because you kinda have to.

Donna G says:

If I were like Ironman 3 I would try and help ours, also find ways to make the world a better place.

Mitch Y says:

I would give some to my parents to help them out and some of my other family members.

Danny G says:

If I had the money Tony Stark has I would give some to charites and help out people in my family.

Dona G says:

I think I would make sure to take my class to places that they would other wise to be able to go to. Because most of my students can not go on field trips because their family can not afford it, so we are not able to take field trips.

Edee says:

I would pay of all my bills! :) Then I would help set up my future and help others and my community as well.

sarah chrisco says:

i would use the money to help my family out

Ted says:

Donate to charities.

Keira G, says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I feel like I would pay myself first. As a teenage girl on a visa in the United States, I can’t afford to go to college ( not even community ), as I’m not a permanent resident. Had I the money of Stark, I would pay my way through school first and foremost. School is really important to me, and I am insanely bummed that I cannot go until I am forced to move back to Canada by the government when I’m twenty one. After my school has been paid off, I would give some to my grandparents for consistently being by my side and helping out my dad and I when we needed it most. Seeing as they are at retirement age, I want them to live comfortably and as peacefully as possible. Last but not least, I would give some to my twenty one year old brother and his two year old daughter. They’re position currently isn’t ideal and had I that much money, I would make sure she is set for her life after high school, and I would make sure my brother could live an ideal life and make sure my niece lives comfortably as well. I want the best for my family. That money would predominantly be for them.

Nick says:

I would pay off my college fees, and help FRESNO grow!!!

Kristi G says:

I would share the money with my family and pay off my bills. Also I would get a house some where that we all could use as a vacation home.

Kelly C says:

If I had all that money I would pay off my student loans and by a house that would fix my family. Also I would like to buy my parents a bigger house so that my father could have his own room to play his games in and do his models.

Chrissy says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark I would be a super hero too.

Michael Rogers says:

If I had money like Tony Stark I would be hiring people that doesn’t have jobs to work for me and use the money to help people who was in need get back on there feet!The cooliest hero is one who helps others and not one who thinks about himself! :)

Surge says:

If I had money like Tony Stark, First off get out of debt! (School loans, mortgage, credit cards) help family members get out of their debt. Next step would be to invest in my hometown of Fresno! Build up the city that will honor me just like they honor Tony! Just Kidding about the honoring me part. Oh, But I would build a superhero headquarters/hangout/lounge where all my Avengers BFFs would be able to come and hang out with me in the newly renovated city!

Lexy says:

I would help all my family….pay off all out bills and help my community.

D R G says:

If I had that kind of money I would pay off my bills and get a big house, not to big but bigger then the one I have now. Also would help my family out.

Dan G says:

I would get me a house and pay off my bills, help out some charites.

Nici says:

I think that I would give money to chatites, get a house, pay off my bills and then take a nice trip to all the places that I have dreamed of seeing. Plus help my parents out with some of their bills.

Bella says:

I think I would help all my family out….fly myself to space,,,,travel around the world! Live unbelievably.

Anthony Perez says:

If I had as much money as tony stark I would make gasoline stations and get even more money off that

Donald Burdette says:

I would buy one of those Audis he drives in the Iron Man movies.

Carolynn says:

If I had as much money as Tony Stark, I would invest in education! And travel a lot.

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