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CAPTION THIS: What I’m reading now …

I fell behind on this one with my fellow Beehivers and the Beehive Book Club post last month.
Killing Book

Last summer, while wading in the Fresno
County Courthouse jury pool, I was reading
“Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly and
Martin Dugard. The duo put together a fascinating ticktock of the events leading up to and after the Lincoln assassination. It is not the assassination itself that was interesting to me — it was more in the examination of how society was at the time.  With the success of that book O’Reilly and Dugard offered up “Killing Kennedy” as the sequel. It’s written in that conversational manner of  “Lincoln” — in bits and chunks of history,  floating in and out of the real life characters that had any connection to  JFK, the presidency, the politics and impending assassination. The pacing is smooth — I tend to read when time is available, so it’s easy to set aside and come back to later.

O’Reilly writes, “The truth about President Kennedy is sometimes gallant, and sometimes disturbing. The truth about how and why he was murdered is simply atrocious. But all Americans should know the story.”

Although O’Reilly can be a controversial TV personality, it didn’t appear to me that he injected his spin. With Dugard, the writers give us intimate details of JFK and those around him. It is  fact intensive, enveloped in the drama that is allowed to unfold.

Sure, we know what happened. Baby Boomers will acknowledge some of the realities of the time period: Good things were happening, but frightening world events also were taking place. The book is like being inside a living time capsule until the bitter end — November 22, 1963.

Responses to "CAPTION THIS: What I’m reading now …"

janet says:

Thanks for the overview of this book. I was 12 years old during that period of time, and I can stilll recall it so vividly. The Bay of Pigs Invasion had all of us in a panic, and it was a time of constant air raids, sometimes 3 times a week at all of our schools near Moffet Field in he south San Francisco Bay area. There were many times we were awakened during the night to its horrendous blaring, and many people in the Silicon Valley constructed underground bomb shelters in their backyards. But the day Kennedy was killed, was forever the most tragic thing that had happened in my life. And, followed by RFK, MLK assassinations and the Viet Nam War, things had radically changed in our country as I went through my high school years. The American Dream had died, as I once knew it. CANNOT WAIT TO READ THE BOOK! Thank you.

SW Parra says:

Indeed. Janet the retelling of the events are vivid including the ‘Bay of Pigs’ and the ‘Missiles of October.’ Many of the names and the roles they played are striking – there are some moments of levity – but, all in all it’s quite real . Let me know what you think when you get into it. ~SW Parra

DebV says:

I’ve heard good things about these books. They are definitely on my
to read list. Thanks for the overview.

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