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What’s up with the Dusty Buns love?

After the popularDusty Buns logo BLOB award Dusty Buns Bistro Bus blew an engine last week, I got invited to a fundraiser to help fix the bus. A bunch of people got together at the Fresno Brewing Company Monday night and raised about $1,500 selling tacos, beer and auctioning off donated items.

I mentioned it to a co-worker who said, “Huh, a fundraiser for a for-profit business? That’s unusual.”
Another local food blogger, The Cured Ham, asked where the fundraiser was for another food truck with mechanical problems.

It’s worth noting that the Dusty Buns folks didn’t plan this fundraiser. A group of their personal friends — including Fresno Brewing Company owner Ephiram Bosse and Taste Fresno blogger James Collier — did. Once they put it out there, the donations for silent auction items poured in. The Stewarts were very vocal with their thank yous on the internet.

It got me thinking, what exactly is it about Dusty Buns that inspires such love from the community? There’s no doubt these people have a following. Just look at the line at any of their events. So seriously, tell us, what is it about them? It has to be more than the food, right? Is it the trail blazing they’ve done in creating food truck events like Cart Hop? The emphasis on organic food? Or is it just that they’re a cute hippie couple with an adorable baby?

Responses to "What’s up with the Dusty Buns love?"

Ron Weber says:

It’s nice to see people do things for others. The people questioning why this happened should actually be asking why things like this do not happen more. People helping people is always a good thing. Regardless of the circumstances. I’d rather see people helping people than hurting people. Why was it done??? Simply because some good people thought it was the right thing to do.

Josh Tehee says:

Ron: Your point is well made. The question should be why this doesn’t happen more. This is how we should treat our local businesses. On the flip side, I think anyone who has met Dustin and Kristin or worked with them in any capacity understands why people think so highly of them. I have seen them jump at the opportunity to help other organizations/etc., not because they felt it would help their business or drive customers to their bus (or bistro) but because they felt it was the right thing to do to help build the community, etc. This all sounds like sour grapes to me.

Terri Brookshire from Crumb Snatcher Goodies says:

I have the pleasure of selling my Goodies next to Dusty Buns on Saturdays at Bella Frutta. This last Saturday , Summer time pies helped out Dusty Buns by letting them borrow their trailer to cook in. Why did they do that? Well, it’s because the cute hippie couple with the adorable baby are the most kind, compassionate , humble people you will ever meet!! Their food is fantastic! I feel like all us food trucks and trailers are one big community family! A family that is willing to help each other!!

Michael says:

I think this effort happened because all of those customers have been getting in the habit of eating delicious, organic food loaded with vitamins! I am happy to see this!

Kristin C says:

It is disingenuious for The Cured Ham to say that the community has not helped out Benaddiction considering that they started out with a kickstarter campaign. The Dusty Buns people are charming and generous and people responded to that. Why is that a bad thing?

Bob says:

It’s also a cult following – some people blindly follow Dusty Buns since they were the traiblazing pioneers in the local food truck scene. Not all that different than Apple’s cult following.

James says:

It’s a following built around relationships and excitement over something new. That’s vastly different than an affinity for a giant tech company.

e. field says:

…yeahhh… ah… ya know… referring to them as a ‘cult.’
unless you’re talking a really great 80′s metal band… -not- a positive tag.

Look… these are genuinely nice people… who make genuinely awesome food, and don’t charge you an arm and a leg…
(though they’re quite endearing… I’ve not sensed any untoward religious devotion called for… heck… last time I ate there, they seemed a bit sheepish about even being given a tip.)

This is well warranted appreciation… they’re nice, they do awesome chow, and are worth the time and money to visit… (true story.)

-hopefully more follow this model.. and may they be blessed even further.. -e

Andrew Feil says:

I think it is the fact that they were some of the first people to take a stab at the food truck thing and have been really gracious and delicious while doing it. They are taking a risk and Fresnans are in the place to say thanks!

Phil M. says:

I think it’s great that Dusty Buns has so many fans.

However, the supposed need for a fundraiser makes me wonder. If they have such a huge following, wouldn’t their business be profitable enough that they’d be able to keep up their own truck from sales?

I think I’ll just show my support by buying their food when I can afford it and keep saving my donation funds for charities.

Again, it’s great to see all this “love” (either that or terrific marketing). Just don’t understand why that love isn’t selling enough sandwiches to support the their business.

Tom J. says:

Just wondering if Dusty Buns has so many fans, why isn’t all that “love” supporting the business enough through sales, so fundraising wouldn’t be necessary.

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