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Download this now: Friendcore compilation

3860941931-1The compilation album is seriously one of the best things to ever be invented. The majority of my musical favorites were discovered on compilations (this one and this one and this one and this one in particular). The albums serve as time capsules, perfect little snap-shots of a scene or genre. Fresno has had a couple such albums in the past, including a double CD from Grey Tank Records.

This Fresno Friendcore Compilation has my excited to no end.

  • The Friendcore scene (a group of bands and musicians generally head-quartered at C.A.F.E. Infoshop down in Chinatown) is putting out some of the most exciting local music right now.
  • It has actual recordings from Still Stoked (RIP) and Fatty Cakes.
  • It features the new band from the guys behind the Giddy-Ups
  • It looks to be free to download. Though you really should kick them down a few bucks if you can. That kind of stuff goes a long way.

There’s also a Friendcore documentary in the works, that we’ll for sure keep you updated on.

In the meantime, you should also get excited about the Fresno Covers Fresno compilation. It’s a collaboration with the Fresno Urban Sound Experience and should be released sometime this summer.

Responses to "Download this now: Friendcore compilation"

Ryan says:

Thanks for posting this! The comp is absolutely free so feel free to download it. Physical copies/a zine/and other things should be coming soon.

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