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Get a tattoo, get passes to the Fresno Film Festival

tattoo-promoIf you look closely at the poster for this year’s Fresno Film Festival (which kicks off next weekend), you will see the woman has the Fresno Filmworks’ logo tattooed on her arm. A bold choice, if I do say.

Playing on that theme, Fresno Filmworks and Faithful & True Tattoo are offering up two festival passes to anyone willing to get the Filmworks’ logo tattooed on their body. Just stop into the shop anytime between noon and 8 p.m. tomorrow. Looks like tattoos are $30. So you’ll get a cool tattoo and save some money on the festival passes. That is a win-win. It’s really too bad Travis Sheridan isn’t in town anymore.

For more info on the festival itself, here’s a video:

Responses to "Get a tattoo, get passes to the Fresno Film Festival"

Joan Levie says:

I am an avid supporter of Fresno Filmworks but I just cannot believe that the organization is trying to induce people to desecrate their bodies for the sake of free tickets. The current tattoo trend is horrifying. It is permanent disfigurement of nature’s greatest creature, the human body just so people can all be nonconformists together. Bad choice FF.

e. field says:

…I still hesitate in retelling that story to the folks back home:

‘…no really, there was this guy… who… to show his support for the town or the county, or as a stunt or something…
got it’s flag tattooed on his leg… (I think they video’d it,)… it was a big rah-rah Fresno moment… -not a really well done one, either-
…then the guy puts up pictures of how it got wickedly infected… which… awesome marketing there…
then… not long after…
…he moves… to like… the midwest…’

people just stare, man.

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