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Fresno libraries + Facebook = a good thing

The Fresno County Public Library has this Facebook thing down. In addition to its informative posts, the page is gold mine of funny, snarky posts, along with the ones that make the avid reader in me nod and say, “Yep, so true.” I don’t know who is behind the page, but keep the goodness coming. Here’s a sampling of recent posts.







Responses to "Fresno libraries + Facebook = a good thing"

Heather P. says:

I made the FCPL Facebook a permanent resident in my newsfeed, having taken the trouble to put them down in the Pages I Follow section of FB. The sharability of their posts is fantastic, and it reminds me to use the library more! Win-win!

Rita B. says:

I’ve been wondering who maintains that page for the library because they are awesome!

Fresno County Public Library says:

Thanks for the encouragement! Stay tuned on Facebook and we will introduce the duo responsible for the Library’s page.

Bethany Clough says:

Yea! I’ve been wondering who it is too.

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