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Metallica: The pinball machine

12I’ve spent a lot of time in bowling alleys. Bowling alleys have arcades. So I’ve spent my time playing (but mostly watching other people play) pinball. I’m no wizard, but …

This week Pinball News announced metal band Metallica is getting its own pinball game. For fans (of pinball and the band), it looks (and sounds) like a freakin’ awesome game.

Also awesome: the general feel and design is taken from a custom machine the band had made by artist Dirty Donny and Wade Krause.

Krause is a local guy who plays drums in Sparklejet and Backstabbers. He also does screen printing and collects and restores old arcade machines. Their Metallica machine was one of 400 shown at the Pacific Pinball Expo in 2009. He and Donny also collaborated on a custom machine for the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters, which they talk about in this video:

Responses to "Metallica: The pinball machine"

Kathy Mahan says:

Funny you mention pinball and bowling. I learned to play pinball on a Kiss machine at a bowling alley in San Diego when I was kid. So much fun!

Stephen says:

I was lucky enough to work the Summer Sanitarium tour. At each city, the band would have a tent set up with pinball machines (and a couple of other video machines). Partially for their kids, but also for them to use. Those machines got quite the workout from city to city.

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