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BANDGEEK!: Bang Tango, Dinosaur Jr. and a Fauxchella weekend

181055_557001410998930_1658847672_nWhile thousands of music fans swarm Palm Desert hoping they’ll get another headlining hologram, Fresno has more than its share of shows this weekend, from indie-rock icons to tribute bands (we love ‘em), metalcore and more. Here it is. Here’s your BANDGEEEEEEEK!!

TONIGHT (Thursday):





That’s what I found anyway. Feel free to add your own in the comments section or email me at

Responses to "BANDGEEK!: Bang Tango, Dinosaur Jr. and a Fauxchella weekend"

Jared says:

Ugh… While Fulton reeling in Dino Jr. is quite impressive (even if it’s one of those desperate “we need money” tours), that Fauxchella lineup is just a painful reminder of how far people of the Central Valley need to travel away from Fresno in order to see decent bands live. Orgy? Really?! When was their last album released? Like 10 years ago? Oh yeah, and they suck. And it’s all sponsored by a radio station whose playlist is currently in a five-song rotation of fun., Mumford & Sons, The Offspring, Bush, and Toadies…. none of the festival acts seem to be on that list.

Joshua says:

@Jared Who would you like to see come through town?

Ryan says:


Stab City (Los Angeles)

Murder Park

Le Wolves


Santa Mira

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