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Observations from a grumpy old man

iKISSmage003NBC has launched the new series “Hannibal.” Great. All we needed was another cooking show.

It’s official. Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno next year. Conan O’Brien won’t believe it until he sees it. And even then, he’ll take a wait and see attitude.

It sounded like the Hallmark Channel was taking a weird direction in programming when it announced a new show that would include three hours of catfights. Come to find out, it’s the “Kitten Bowl,” a special where real small cats will frolic for three hours.

Justin Bieber’s monkey has been quarantined. Make your own joke.

The Hub Network will launch “KISS Hello Kitty,” a series based on the KISS and Hello Kitty line. It just beat out “Green Day Cabbage Patch Kids” and “Rolling Flint-Stones” to get on the schedule.

Responses to "Observations from a grumpy old man"

pk says:

I would have thought that Kiss/Kitty thing to be a joke until I saw the picture!
But then it is KISS/Gene Simmons…..

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