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Omarosa at odds with other celebrities

OmarosaBefore this season’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” started on NBC, several of the contestants met with TV critics to talk — in vague terms — about the show. The one thing that was clear was the dislike of many of the celebrity players for pseudo star Omarosa Manigault.

Correct that. Like Cher, Bono and Adele, Omarosa believes her star power is so bright she only needs to use one name. Oddly enough, some of her fellow players had other names for her.

It looked like the other players were ready to run her out of town when Omarosa said, “We have a rule called ‘Leave it in the boardroom,’ which means you go in the boardroom, you fight for your life, you fight for your charity, and you’re supposed to leave it in the boardroom.”

Lisa Rinna immediately chimed in with she didn’t learn that rule and Marilu Henner added that the emotions of the battles in front of Donald Trump go on “ten times longer” than you would think.

Penn Jillette had the biggest reaction to what Omarosa said.

“There’s a bigger reality in that this is not magic time. It’s part of your life. What happens in your life is all real, so I’ve never even considered the idea of leaving it in the boardroom. My judgments and my feelings about other people are molded by everything that happens, including the boardroom,” Jillette said. “And I don’t think we’re acting special in there. We are not playing a role. We are in some sense supposed to be ourselves, and therefore, our responsibility and honesty to ourselves must remain true. It’s nonsense what stays in the boardroom.

Omarosa reaction was “I forgive Penn for everything he did to me on this season.”

And, it’s a season that’s over for Omarosa.

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