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‘Mad Men’ laughing matter to John Slattery

Mad Men (Season 5)Fans of the AMC series “Mad Men” always argue it’s the best drama on TV. They might be surprised to find out that at least one of the cast members considers the show to be a comedy.

John Slattery thinks that way because he’s been able to play some of the lighter moments in the acclaimed series through his portrayal of Roger Sterling.

“As evidenced in the past and in the first couple you may or may not have seen, just when you think someone is one thing, it gets heavier or it gets lighter, or someone is capable of doing something that you didn’t expect them to do. And I think that’s what makes the show as good as it is,” says Slattery. “Just when you think that Roger’s just a (expletive deleted) who doesn’t care about anybody, he cares about somebody. Or is just a misogynistic drunk, he’s better at business than you think he is.

“It’s just so unexpected. The story telling is so good. So there’s more of that coming. You sort of know where we are headed culturally, too.”

Viewers got to see a real culture clash last year when Sterling took a little LSD trip. A lot of that sequence was played for laughs but it ended up being really hard work for Slattery.

“It was more fun watching it than it was filming it because filming it was like a bunch of little pieces. The little cigarette gag. And the mirror had to be just the right angle. Most of it was manufactured and it was two in the morning and we were running out of time and everybody gets stressed,” Slattery says. “Like most of the actual execution of it, it’s not as much fun as it looks.

“Scenes in bed, all that stuff. You know, there’s 60 people around you telling you to move an inch. ‘Make it organic, but keep your arm like this when you do it.’ Tricky.”

And, often, funny to Slattery.

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