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Chuck Leonard wants a recount

Anchor posterLast weekend, The Bee published its annual People’s Choice Awards. At least one local celebrity felt jilted. After seeing the results, Tower/Downtown icon and internet “anchor” Chuck Leonard wrote to us demanding a recount.

It’s not something we have any control over, but hey …

There is absolutely no way that Warren Armstrong could have won this award. Did he make buttons that he passed out all over California? I think not. Did he have an awesome poster made by famous artist Aurora Pringle? No. Did he even beg for votes as I did? Probably not. My campaign manager (Kim Burly) worked tirelessly to assure my win and feels as slighted as I do. How could a TV news person possibly compete with an internet sensation like myself? I am sure that you will agree with me that there must have been a mistake somewhere along the way.

Your “Best Anchor” Chuck Leonard

Leonard currently hosts a show 4 p.m. Fridays on Central Valley Talk, but hints that he’ll be hosting a daily morning show on an unspecified TV channel starting in September. We wish him luck with the recount.

Responses to "Chuck Leonard wants a recount"

Kim Burly says:

I just simply don’t understand how he didn’t win. I made about 700 fake e-mail addresses ALONE to vote for him, and I know his mom was doing the same!

Justin says:

Making fake emails is cheating maybe whomever does the counting knew they were fake and were not counted. That is my theory, it is the only thing that makes sense.

Kim Burly says:

You mean they could tell that and ChucksMom78,79,80, and 89 were fakes! I’m speechless!

Kiel says:

Chuck’s mom ain’t no fake. I can tell you that.

Rudy says:

Well your single blog post has probably spread his name more anything else ever has, which is probably exactly what he wanted…

Christian Jadot says:

Warren who?

Dude says:

Poor Chuck, what a baby. He and his CVT is overrated anyway. Shows why he didn’t win.

Stephen says:

Aw, Dude must actually be a blind fellow. Otherwise he’d be able to see Chuck’s tongue well ensconced into his cheek.

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